I suppose you’re wondering

And that’s understandable.

I have a lot to say, but I don’t know how to say it, and I’ve been stricken with a horrible ‘this is so self-indulgent it makes me vomit’ thing.


There it is.

I’m’a ask you a question.

What is the one thing you wish that someone you love (partner, parent, etc.) knew about you?

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  1. My confession that I wish I could say to my loved ones: I don’t like flowers as a present. I know it’s a sweet gesture, and I try to remember that, but it reminds me of the ex-husband, and how he would use flowers as his apology gift all those many times he forgot anniversaries and birthdays and couldn’t be arsed.

  2. “How much I care.”

    Cori, you’ll be happy (?) to know I’ve never bought flowers for the better half (and she’s more than okay with that). They strike me as a shallow means to make up for a lack of real attention on behalf of the person buying the flowers.

    “Here, have this bouquet of dying vegetation, I’m now going to go fishing with a bunch of people who aren’t you. Bye!”

    1. Everyone has something they think their loved ones don’t quite believe. Or something that we just assume our loved ones know. We all keep things from one another; it’s not a bad thing unless it’s hurtful.

      I mean, “how much I care” is a pretty awesome thing to hope your loved ones know you feel. Even if you tell them all the time how much you care.

      It’s interesting that the statement “what is the one thing you wish your loved one knew about you” was interpreted as “what is the one thing you are keeping from your loved one(s)”.

      1. I thought about a lot of things to write, actually. And most of them made me cry – the good and the bad. But in the end, I decided that I didn’t need to write those things because I’d said them and hopefully they heard me. Jer and I talked about this post and neither of us knew what to say here and so we just talked about it and what we would thought about writing.

        In the end, I wish my people knew that I’m trying to quit trying to be perfect.

        I interpreted it both ways – what I’ve said and wish people would know and what I haven’t said that I wish people would know.

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