I have been *very* good this year

*Terribly* good in fact. I have been SO good, that I believe I ought to receive a grain-burning stove. And a million dollars’ worth of renovations to my home. And a current pool. And time – time to traipse up to Hometown North and pick up my dining table, buffet, vanity, and bureau drawers. Time when it isn’t a million below so that the wood won’t crack. Time to actually *clean* the house rather than hide the mess. (Although, on the character sheet of “cenobyte”, mess-hiding is one of the higher-ranking skills in which I have points. I shall post that character sheet some day for you.)

I would like someone to cook for my family, not because I don’t like to cook, but because if someone else does it for me, I’ll eat the vegetables. I eat salad if it’s done by someone else. I love salad!

I would also like some dust repellant. bleah.

Then, if there’s enough wishes left to go around, and in that vein of time/home renovations, I would like someone to help me redo my kitchen. And by ‘redo’, I mean paint. And where can one find tin ceilings these days?

Oh, and the obligatory love and respect for all the peoples of the world, a lot of hand-holding and humming indistinct tunes in the semi-darkness of a bonfire.

On a completely unrelated note, I was at a wedding last night. I couldn’t tell you who the couple were, but there were an awful lot of people at the wedding that I knew, which is always nice. It was held in Saskatoon at the Bessborough hotel, where, in the ballroom, they have these enormous water canons that shoot water fifty feet into the air and can be programmed to match the music in the room. There are lights sunk into the floor as well, surrounding the water canons, which make a glorious show during the reception.

A fellow I went to school with was there – he’s now a policeman, and we talked about all kinds of things. And when we retired to our respective rooms, we discovered our rooms were adjoining, by a single door in the back of the closet, which locked on each side. I won’t mention what sorts of things this door led to, because that would involve my not having woken up.






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  1. Woz Avatar

    Home depot had what appeared to be tin ceilings…

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