I did something!

I invented a new drink!

It tastes like mouthwash.

In answer to your question, no, it is *not* mouthwash, and no, there is no mouthwash *in* it. I’m not sure how successful this drink will be. I mean, among people who aren’t crackers.






3 responses to “I did something!”

  1. cenobyte Avatar

    You’d think.But no! I mixed some liquors that I like individually with some mix that I like individually and made mouthwash!I should note that later on that same evening, I tweaked the recipe and ended up with something not unlike Bartender’s Rootbeer (without the cream).Did you seriously post that at 5:33 am?

  2. Der Kaptin Avatar
    Der Kaptin

    This would be something along the lines of the Purell jello shooters, am I right?

  3. der (yawn) kaptin Avatar
    der (yawn) kaptin

    YEah, it took me about an hour to get around to checking your blog. So?

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