I can’t believe I forgot to mention this

Neil Gaiman! One thing I forgot to mention last night as we were chatting in The Loft is that you’re my International Literary Boyfriend!! Can you imagine that I forgot that!? Pffft. It’s silly, is what it is. But after the story you told about high school and the band you were in, I just forgot.  You know what’s *even funnier*? I totally didn’t tell you about how what goes on in The Loft stays in The Loft, but it DIDN’T EVEN MATTER! Because all we did was hang out and talk about stuff.

I’m really happy to know that you also are a fan of Umberto Eco. I mean, it doesn’t surprise me at all; I’m just really happy to know that.

Anyway, yeah, so everyone around here knows that you’re my International Literary Boyfriend, and I was *going* to mention it, but then you asked about the guacamole, and I got distracted by that comment you made about Neverwhere (don’t worry; I promised not to tell), and then I just forgot.





i make squee noises when you tell me stuff.

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