I am the worst bournaller ever

The truth of it is that I am writing.

Granted, I’m writing gaming stuff, but I’m writing. Which is cool, because I haven’t been able to write very much, and certainly not very well, for the past several months. The downside of this is that some of it is seriously consuming me.

One of the things …okay, actually, *several* of the things I’ve worked on are collaborative stories with other folks involved in my friend AJ’s LARP. And that’s the best part of LARP…when the character you’re playing starts to take you by the throat and rattle you around a bit. In a good way. I have to talk a little bit here about how much gaming rocks.

It really, really rocks.

I get to be someone I wouldn’t normally get to be. I get to think like someone else; I get to dress like someone else. I get to say the things I normally wouldn’t say (or, in my case, *not* say the things I normally would say). It’s a lot like what actors experience, except we’re not restrained by someone else’s idea of who our characters have to be. And because it’s a creative exercise, it primes the creative pump and gets you thinking about all sorts of things.

So. There’s that.

Also, football has taken up a lot of my time. I love football so much.

I’m not going to promise to be back here more regularly. But I do have a post about sports that I’d like to post soon.

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  1. LARPs are so much a great source of happy. It’s great that you can get even more happy by adding writing to the mix.
    Though I have to burst your bubble and say: your writing is totally breakinng my character! Romsnce with Long absences, arguments, crazy bedside freak outs. Not what I had in mind lady! It’s you and your awesome writing that’s doing this. STOP BEING AWESOME!!!

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