Honey honey

  There is a girl at football practice throwing stones in the air directly over her head. 
Part of me wants to tell her why this is such a bad idea – and show her the scar on my eyebrow and chipped tooth to prove it, and part of me wants to just sit in the vehicle and watch this story unfold. 

“Don’t throw rocks,” a parent says lazily, then turns back to the kids on the field. 

“Yeah, don’t throw rocks,” says the little sibling. “Mom SAID. Mooooooom!”

“I said don’t throw rocks.”


Still she throws rocks. Tosses them up in the air and somehow does not use her face to catch them. 






One response to “Honey honey”

  1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Avatar

    Ah. There is a parent in ‘attendance’ – said parent will drive the child to the ER when it becomes necessary.

    You are hereby relieved of duty.

    If foolish behavior was always fatal, there wouldn’t be many of us.

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