GiST #6/365

Actors (living) Edition:

1. My boyfriend, Johnny Depp. Or, as he likes me to call him, J. Or sometimes J.D., if we’re being silly. Johnny doesn’t mind that I have other boyfriends, because none of them is as famous as he is.

2. I’ve already mentioned Patrick Warburton, so let’s go with my other boyfriend Hugh Jackman. It’s a thing we have. He doesn’t tell his wife about me; I don’t let anyone take photographs of us together. It’s a pretty slick system.

3. Steve Carrell.

4. My on-again-off-again boyfriend Gary Oldman. Gary’s sensitive. He doesn’t like it when you say things like “Gary Oldman! Don’t you ever do your own laundry!??” We work through it.

5. Forrest Whitaker.

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  1. Dude.Dude.Actually, I’m not going to lie to you, it’s my disk, and Johnny knows it. As a matter of fact, we were just hanging out last night here in Milestone listening to it last night. Boy oh boy can that man….cuddle…

  2. chuh.Yeah. WhatEVER. He asked me to return that package of warm panties you sent. He wasn’t going to open it at all, but the cats started tearing it apart.And that disc is so too his. He only went to your house to get it back, and you know it. Also, brielle? He prefers *my* stretchmarks.

  3. *watches the chick fight and then turns to Jon abd begins to mack*uh-huh. I went there. Besides, Jon likes full women. You two are too skinny for him. (shaddup…I had to say that)

  4. See, this is exactly what Johnny and I were talking about last night. He told me that the reason he’d rather spend time with me over you is because <>I’m<> not mean. Unlike some people. Mainly you.

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