GiST #15/365

First, I have never written a screenplay before…before LAST NIGHT, that is. I did the game writeup as a screenplay. It seems to be working well.

Second, I am eating smoked cheddar sticks. It is odd, but tasty.

Third, I completely forgot what else I was going to tell you, other than that I was Very Angry yesterday, and briefly again this morning. Someone should look in to that.

Fourth, I am drinking tea. It pleases me.

Fifth, I remembered. I have come up with a brilliant way to revitalise the travel industry. From now on, passengers are barred from wearing clothing on aeroplanes. When you check in, you are handed a paper bathrobe. You proceed to security (where the lineups will be MUCH smaller), and are allowed only one clear, plastic bag with handles for your carry-on. It will contain your clothing and a book or magazine. Or knitting. You are allowed no electronics on the aeroplane at all.

From the check-in and security counter, you proceed to the Turkish Bath, where you relax for at least an hour before your flight is scheduled to leave. There is an incinerator at the entrance of the Turkish Bath for you to deposit your paper robe. Better yet, all the paper robes are shredded, boiled, and re-formed. Waste not, want not.

You leave the Turkish Bath, retrieve your plastic carry-on, and board the plane. Buck nekkit.

Not only will it make the flights cheaper (less security needed, less weight on the plane) and more smell-better (the Turkish Baths are mandatory so that wimmins and men can get rid of all that stinky cologne they wear), but you **don’t have to wear clothes**!

That is all.

Oh. And this was a contribution to Grace in Small Things.

3 responses to “GiST #15/365”

  1. Sex is <>private<>. You don’t always have to have sex every time your nekkit, you know. Of course, anything that “comes up” as a result of these new transportation regulations would, I’m sure, be handled individually within the confines of the turkish bath.

  2. Nekkid is good. I like nekkid. Will there be a prohibition on spontaneous sex or is it a bit of a free for all?

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