GiST #13/365

  1. The snow and ice snapping sharply; the loud, percussive crack as you walk on frozen/thawed/frozen/thawed ice
  2. makes me think of the creak and crack of the floorboards of a wooden-hulled ship, the way they would heave and twist against one another in the humidity and salt water of the
  3. warm waters of the southern coast.
  4. The rocking, pitch and roll of any sailing vessel, whether canoe, sloop, or duck boat.
  5. How the fresh-fallen snow glitters and sparkles, frozen moments of dew.
cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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  1. Here’s one of my favourite GiSTs — we have a lilac hedge maybe 20 feet from our east wall — I can stand at the kitchen window and watch the little birds flitting and popping from branch to branch, finding goodness knows what to peck at. But they always wipe their beaks, one quick wipe on each side, on a nearby twig. They do it repeatedly. Little birds keep their bills so clean. Gracefully.

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