GiST #12/365

  1. I used to go to the lake with my best friend Sarah in the summers.
  2. Her grandparents’ cabin had a room with a double bed, a room with twin beds, a master bedroom with a queen size bed, and a room with a single bed. When we stayed in the summers, we either slept in the double bed or in the twin beds. We stayed up all night making beadwork, yarn, and origami crafts.
  3. Sometimes, we read books together. It was the first time I read the Narnia series. She would finish a book and hand it to me. We went through all seven books in four nights and five days.
  4. The lake had algal blooms that looked like slices of kiwi. We called them jellyfish, but they weren’t. We would tear them apart and squish them and we thought we were helping the lake. Or at least, we pretended we were.
  5. Her grandparents had an old duck boat/plyboard dory that we would row out in around the lake and sing bawdy sailor songs Very Loudly. We knew some Very Naughty Songs.






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