GiST #10/365

  1. That noise The Nipper makes when a skateboard, helicopter, truck, spaceship, boat, or other transportative device is going a particular speed through a particular environment.
  2. It is often accompanied by the noise he makes for rapid-fire machine guns.
  3. And is sometimes followed by the death throes and screaming, lashing about from the passengers/enemies/passers-by.
  4. The long, long, long, long and involved explanation of what is *actually* happening, *actually*, since he is not permitted to play with guns. Those noises are *actually* lasers, not *actually* rapid-fire machine guns or howitzers.
  5. The Nipper’s rosebud mouth and very precise articulate speech, and the tender hugs and kisses he offers as recompense for breaking the ‘no guns’ rule.






i make squee noises when you tell me stuff.

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