Eff Ar Ee Ee Dee Oh Em

I wish Ezra Levant would stick to writing stuff rather than flapping his gums.

I never really realised how much I can’t stand that guy and his reductio ad absurdum arguments until today*.

But this is a good thing! Because now that I know that, I can *turn the radio off* whenever he speaks. Or stick my fingers in my ears and shout: “LA LA LA LA LA” until such a time as I think he might be finished. Which would be, like, never. I think he’s going to do more damage to the Conservative party than the party itself.

Oh wait. No he won’t.

*And yes, he’s perfectly free to sound like a completely reactionary douche in all the different forms of media he wants to. Because we have freedom of expression in this country. I’m just really glad I don’t live within 600 km of him.






5 responses to “Eff Ar Ee Ee Dee Oh Em”

  1. Stark Raving Dad Avatar
    Stark Raving Dad

    As one of the aforementioned douche’s favorite targets, I applaud your decision, and your choice of words. Thankfully, we “thought police” allow you to continue to hold such opinions. :)

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      You’re one of his favourite targets!??

      Ohhhh…not *personally*…just the work you do. Right?

  2. Stark Raving Dad Avatar
    Stark Raving Dad

    Yeah, its not me personally, though it can be hard to remember that sometimes when some of the shite he says is directed at things that I personally do… :)

  3. Cheruby Avatar

    You want him to keep writing books?

    Apparently you haven’t read a book he called Youthquake. The fact that books like this exist is an affront to language, rational thought and civilization. My favourite argument in Youthquake, paraphrased: “Can you imagine what would happen if the government sponsored going to restaurants? Everybody would eat steak dinners every night! The same thing happens with Medicare!” So let me get this straight, Ezra: are you suggesting that people go looking for medical care the same way they seek meals at restaurants? “Woo! Dudes! Let’s break our femurs and get casts at Royal University Hospital!” “Yeah! They have wicked traction setups!” Asshole.

    Anyway, the idea that his books exist offends me deeply. I’d rather have him saying stupid stuff than getting the same garbage published.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      So, you’d be okay with it if people just started destroying all the books they didn’t like, found offensive, and didn’t agree with?

      No, I’d never say that.

      I say, write on, Ezra Levant. As long as his name is on a book, I can just steer clear of it. I don’t have to spend money on it; I don’t have to take it out of the library; I can just walk away.

      There are many, many, ma-hany writers whose books I can’t stand, find offensive, disrespectful, or hateful. I absolutely think they should still be written, though.

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