Dinosaurs, Spider Legs, and Trains

“You should eat your soup, Pooky.”
“I don’t like it, Mama. It’s yukky.”
“Well, you’ll not get any cake if you don’t eat your soup.”
“Oh. Okay.”
*eat* *eat* *eat*
“Hey, Pooky?”
“Yes, Mama?”
“I put extra spider legs in the soup tonight.”
“…oh.” [turns to Auntie Missus Smarty Pants] “Maybe that’s why I don’t like it, then.” [makes scrinchy-up face] “I’m not fond of spider legs.”

“WOW! What’s that on your cake, The Nipper?”
“It’s a dinosaur!”
“What kind of dinosaur is it?”
“A TASTY dinosaur! That’s what kind!”

“What’s wrong, Pooky?”
“We-eelllll….it’s just that…[clicks tongue]…I…don’t know how to make this train go.”
“Oh. You have to give it to Daddy.”
“I do?”
“Yes. Because he has the magic screwdriver that opens it up so we can shove a new battery in its innards.”
“Or, you could just push it on the track, like this.”
“Ohhhhh. That’s fun, too!”

It was a good birthday party.

cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.


  1. Give the Nipper a birthday hug from us Coyote critter clan folks.I remember when I made dinner out of Elephant scabs, monkey poop, and gopher guts for the Little Bear. Now I do it for the Little Bird!

  2. Even Pants the Younger had a good time pulling your house apart. And the soup was, in fact, delicious. May I ask what kind of spider you used?

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