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I don’t think I’ve been that excited about something I had pretty much no control over since Cory L. took us out to pull doughnuts on frozen sloughs one New Year’s Eve. Our frozen slough evening ended with nothing more than bruises, and I’m really hoping that’s going to be the result of this federal election as well. A lot of the folks I hear from on a regular basis are horrified, disgusted, chagrined, and, to be honest, scared shitless of what the Stephen Harper government is going to to do our country. I’m trying to be resolute about the whole, as my father would say, shivaree.

We survived the Brian Mulroney years. As my friend pointed out to me today, Brian Mulroney wasn’t a…how did she put it…oh yes.

Mulroney wasn’t a raving fundamentalist Christian.

I do not want my government basing their judgements on any religion. I really, really don’t. I don’t care if they ARE religious, as people. I don’t care what they believe in PERSONALLY (well. That’s not entirely true. I have railed against my own MP, who was, tragically, voted back in, and who believes a significant portion of the population of Canada are “homosexual faggots with dirt on their fingernails who spread diseases”. I *do* care what that guy believes in, because it’s hateful.). But my political leaders have to be willing and ABLE to set aside their personal beliefs about the metaphysical and just focus on running the country.

I don’t have faith, based on past records of Conservative leadership, that this government will be good for the economy. Neither do I have faith that they will be good for Canadian people. I think our quality of life will be worse in five years than it has been in the past five years.

So what’s the alternative to a government that doesn’t follow the laws of its own country and is found in contempt of Parliament? Well, even though the majority of Canadians didn’t vote for Harper *again*, at least there was a rise in voter turnout (GOOD FOR YOU, CANADA!). And my man, Smilin’ Jack stole the show, in my opinion, so that’s good. I think he’ll be a good Opposition leader. But the *alternative*? I could move, I guess. But that’s pretty drastic. And it wouldn’t solve the problem. I’ve never been much good at running away from things I don’t like.

I’ll continue to write letters to my arse of an MP, and he’ll continue to reply with crap copied-and-pasted from the CPC’s official campaign platforms. I’ll write to the shadow cabinet ministers. I’ll continue to be engaged and to ask questions and if I don’t like the answers, I’ll make a little list.

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  1. I am TRYING really hard to be positive and find a silver lining here. Let me start by saying “Yay Jack!!!!” He had a great night. And “Yay for more voters!” and “shame on those who didn’t vote!”. Overall the night was a major disappointment. I am especially discouraged by the re-election of Brad Trost in the Saskatoon Humboldt riding.

    So where does that leave me? Oh yeah, packing for my move to Iceland. Coming with?

  2. Mulroney was Irish Catholic, and say what you will about Papists and idolaters (at the political level), at least they don’t usually feel like they need to weigh in on social issues.

    Perhaps so we’ll forget that they don’t let women be priests, but they do let pedophiles.

    Um, did I say that out loud?

  3. It’s so hard to remain positive, just because Harper has given me absolutely no reason to trust him. I wish that all the doomsaying would turn out to be just paranoid hyperbole, but this is just a dark day for Canada.

    Bruce Cockburn is right. “The trouble with normal is it always gets worse.”

    1. I don’t think it’s paranoid hyperbole.

      He has a majority government, a heavily Conservative-padded Senate (I don’t think that’s the sort of Senate reform we thought you were going to do), and, most likely, heavily Conservative-leaning Supreme Court. That’s pretty much carte blanche.

  4. “But the *alternative*? I could move, I guess. But that’s pretty drastic.”

    I am right now enjoying the massive organ damage that a protracted and unactable-upon fight/flight response produces. Running away takes more resources than I’ve got (being disinclined to abandon wife, child and chattles), and I don’t think I can find a constitutional precedent allowing me to insist upon gladiatorial combat with the creature whose despotic rump occupies the PM chair…

    …which is a shame, because I’m pretty good with a spear or long-sword.

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