I wish to say “you cock” to the following people:
Sister Patrick, Smarty Pants, The Iron Troll, His Nibs, Chops, Rilla, Schmutzie Pickles, Binary Kitten, Brielle, Melistress, Drang, Ferlak, Gaijin Quinn, Gayleen, The Rook, Jenn, Sacha, Tristan, Mike, Mike, Mike, Michael, and Mike, Scott, Scott, Scott, Adam, Blake, The Captain, The Nipper, Da, Aunts and Uncles, Crazy Lady, Jenn, Jen, Jen, Jennee, Jen, and Jennifer, Dave, David, Dave, David, Terry and Terry, Bne, TUO, R:taG, Jason, Jason, Jay, Jayson, James, James, Jim, John, Johnathan, John, Jon, Dan, Dan, Daniel, Dan, Tara, Ms. Pants and the Pantaloons, Wendy, Lynn, Thomas, Tom-Ass, Malcolm, Siochan, Snoozy, That Guy Getting Out of his Truck Right Now, Cara, Aelius, Big Troy, Neuba, Rasta Chad, Enthymeme, Viper Pilot, Kate, Tycho, Steve, Stephen, Kovbasa, Ms. Leopard Print, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Parmeisan, Mr. Smart, Vin, Vince, Bill, Bill, William, Noah, B-), Laurie, Laurissa, Laura, Em, Lasch, Brenda, Brenda, Jackie, Jacky, Jacqueline, Alan, Allan, Aiden, Aidan, Matt, Matthew, Mat, Mark, Mark, Marc, Mark, Janice, Janice, Darren, Darren, Der Kaptin, Eric, Erik, Eric, Ayla, Ayla, Shyla, Jeremy, Sean, Sean, Shaun, Shawn, Keith, Adrienne, Deb, Deborah, Deb, Carrie, Kerry, Cari, Cathy, Kathy, Anne-Marie, Rob, Robert, Rob, Robby, Rich, Richard, Richard, Don, Don, Cory, Cory, Mitch, Tracy, Shelagh, Chris, Chris, Kris, Kris, Chris, Deon, Woz, Wade, Brock, Casey, Amy, Todd, Todd, Simon, Paul, Paul, Paul, Trent, Trent, Kyle, Kyle, Kylee, Karen, Daryl, Darrell, Darcy, Tina, Mary, Dennis, Dennis, Kevin, Jeff, Jef, Jeffery, Walter, Michelle, Michelle, Liza, Rachel, Melba, Layne, Heather, Seamus, Trev, Joe, Joey, Andrew, Andrew, Drew, Ed, Edward, Bonnie, Erin, Aaron, Keir, The Ms. S, Ian, Iain, Ian, Ian, Yan, Jan, Calvin, Duncan, Duncan, Larry, Larry, and everyone else I may have forgotten to mention, who has made a difference in my life. And who continues to make a difference in my life.

I suck at ExMass cards (I have one on the dishwasher for Rilla, actually…I think I might wait for Easter), I staunchly despise mid-February, and I suck at phoning on a regular basis. But here’s the deal: you guys are awesome and I care about you a great deal. I won’t go so far as to say “I love you, mang”, because that would somehow diminish the impact of that particular statement when we’re drunk.

But you know it’s true. I do love you, mang.

Damn it. Now I have to come up with some *other* drunken expression of lurve.






13 responses to “Choking”

  1. Cori Avatar

    Right back atcha.18 more sleeps.

  2. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    So…The last post says … if you can’t show people you appreciate them every single day you don’t deserve to have friends…And this one … you say you don’t always communicate regularily…Are you going to do one of these every day now?*smirks* I’m just busting your ass Ceno. There is this total link going on through the names where I’m sure if you were to tell us how you thought of each in their turn it would be an awesome little journey into the mind of PURE CRAZEE!! :)BTW, which dick am I? :)Oh and my favorite drunken form of affection is from Smarty Pants. I was described as ‘A brother, a friend, a demon, and an angel.’His explanation was even MORE bizarre.

  3. rilla Avatar

    I also favour the “you’re an angel” drunken expression of love.P.S. You cock too.

  4. Clark Avatar

    You’re awesome too Cenobyte!“You (gender unimportant) guys all so awesome!” seems be my drunken exclaimation of choice. You may use it. Royalty free!

  5. The Ms. S Avatar
    The Ms. S

    You cock a too!:)

  6. brielle Avatar

    I sense something is going on. Whatever it is, I wish I could help. Or listen. Or give you a hug. But I know someday I can do all three. Hang in there kiddo. I’m thinking of you too. We all cock.

  7. Parmeisan Avatar

    Poor other Terry.Also, everyone who got mentioned after That Guy. Oh wait, that’s me.Heh. Thanks Ceno, I luvs ya too.

  8. cenobyte Avatar

    Terry: Of COURSE you’re Terry. How could you even THINK that?

  9. Terry Avatar

    Am I Terry? If so, aww, thanks. You cock too. :)But if I’m “and Terry”… Well, F**k you! I’m furious! How dare you! After all we went through! Sincerely awaiting your replay….

  10. Aelius Avatar

    Making your way in the world todayTakes everything you’ve got;Taking a break from all your worriesSure would help a lot.Wouldn’t you like to get away? All those night when you’ve got no lights,The check is in the mail;And your little angelHung the cat up by it’s tail;And your third fiance didn’t show; Sometimes you want to goWhere everybody knows your name,And they’re always glad you came;You want to be where you can see,Our troubles are all the same;You want to be where everybody knows your name. Roll out of bed, Mr. Coffee’s dead;The morning’s looking bright;And your shrink ran off to Europe,And didn’t even write;And your husband wants to be a girl; Be glad there’s one place in the worldWhere everybody knows your name,And they’re always glad you came;You want to go where people know,People are all the same;You want to go where everybody knows your name.

  11. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    Of course it did. You were nearly blind with alcohol. I think there’s something wrong with the connection between your brain and optical receptors. :)

  12. Smarty Pants Avatar
    Smarty Pants

    Coyote – it made perfect sense at the time.Ceno – you are also great what with the cocking. You cock, therefore you am.

  13. Gypsyhick Avatar

    You rock!

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