cenobyte answers #4

As part of the Ask cenobyte Experiment, Melistress asked:

Have you ever taken inventory of your books and if so, what is the current count and what would you say to be your favorite of them all?

I have begun an inventory of my books many, many, ma-hany times. Probably more times than gypsies fart. However, I always get distracted by “Ohhhh. THIS book! I LOVE this book!” and that’s about where the inventory ends. I have attempted to catalogue my books on Shelfari and on Goodreads. I didn’t even get as far as putting any books in my Shelfari account, and according to Goodreads, I have 637 books on my shelf (does that mean I own them?) and 500+ that I’ve read…I spent a VERY late night putting most of that stuff in there.

Oh look. I just got distracted again by my Goodreads account.

I suspect there are easily a thousand books in my house. Probably more, if you count the ever-growing stacks of ‘give-away’ books.

And I cannot, absolutely CANNOT choose a favourite. They are all my favourite, for different reasons. Well, maybe not *all* of them, but I do have something good to say about each of them. Damn. There, it happened again. Got distracted by Goodreads (you can see, over to the left there, a feed that shows some of the books I have read/am reading/will read).

But I will say, at the top of my list is The Velveteen Rabbit, Cat’s Cradle, Come, Thou Tortoise, The Catcher in the Rye, nearly anything by Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, or by my international literary boyfriend, Neil Gaiman…there really are too many to name. I could never pick just one.






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  1. saskatoonstitcher Avatar

    I absolutely empathize with you, Cen. Both the husband and I have a lot of books, read a lot of books, buy a lot of books, obsessively caress said books, and can’t bare to part with a page. They love me unconditionally and always provide me with a conduit to a past that I often wish to visit. Each book is not just bound printed pages but the keeper of memories: I remember a stage of life I was in when buying the book; I remember what was going on around me while reading the book; I remember shopping with my daughter while looking for that book; etc. and etc. and etc.

    Each one holds precious moments for me and my mind’s remembrances and shan’t be discarded.

    In the words of Prospero, “I love my books!”

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