'Cause I'm leeeeeeavin', on a …um… van.

Doesn’t really have the same ring, does it?

Captain Dan and I are off to Saskatoon, whence Yours Truly will be Unavailable for Most Things, as she will be either Working At The Booth or Gaming At The BarryCon.

Yours Truly stayed up Far Too Late last night making Props and Costumes for the Game on Saturday. She will post pictures toute suite.

Also, it has been noted that Yours Truly would be Very Happy if by some stroke of genius or luck she received a Dressmaker’s Dummy.

That is all.






One response to “'Cause I'm leeeeeeavin', on a …um… van.”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Make your own dressmaking dummy. Seriously.

    I did one out of paper tape (seemed easier than duct tape) and it’s still going strong.

    I wish I were nearby, we could have a dummy-making party (that’s a straight line for something..). I want to make a corseted one of me, since the disadvantage of the paper tape one is that it’s not squishable and so cannot be corseted.

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