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  • …out of Nothing at all

    Now. You may not live in Regina. You may not live in Saskatchewan. Hell, you may not even live in Canada, or maybe you’re not a North Americaner. Either way, it doens’t matter because there is “nothing wrong”. Don’t take my word for it. Local developer Fortress Real Developments has reassured the pubic* via the […]

  • Design is not my strong suit

    Here’s the thing. I want a writing studio. I want a space that I can come to where creativity is the THING. I may even do sewing here. When we bought this house, it came with a really neat space above the garage. It’s been great to have games up here and shindiggery, but in […]

  • Be Startin’ Something

    Yesterday, His Nibs and I signed the contract with a local construction contractor. We’re turning our laundry room into a second bathroom, which means Spare Oom will be smaller. It also means the horrid fake wood panelling in Spare Oom will be no more. Also: out with the wine-coloured shag carpet. (*hurk*) I plan to […]

  • Hairy Flowers

    Continuing on from yesterday’s post, in which you are dying to know what I’ve been up to and what crap I have growing in my yard, I present 2) Renos: Round 2 – Whew. So it makes sense that the last post was ENORMOUS. A lot of work went in to that room in a […]

  • Remember to put flowers in your hair

    Because the last few posts have been somewhat whiny and complainey, I thought you probably wanted nothing more than to see what I’ve been up to this summer, and possibly that you were jonesing for photos of some of the crap I have growing in my yard. I know you do nothing all day but […]