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  • Bizarre

    Did you know that some people pay shady ladies and gentlemen good money to feel like this. Isn’t that amazing? Some people WANT to feel fuzzy, unfocused, slightly giddy, and off-balance. Have I got a deal for you. Come on over to the house and I will lick your tongue. Then you will be all […]

  • What they don’t tell you

    When you get your license to reproduce, there is a manual that comes along in the post after your first positive pregnancy test/after you sign the first adoption papers, and that manual tells you everything you need to know about raising a brood, from a brood of one to a brood of…oh, I dunno…twenty or […]


    Imagine my surprise (and shame at not having known this before) to have learned that courts in Canada have been overturning decisions in which women have been charged with public indecency for being topless, since 1996! The website mentioned up there, for the Topfree Equal Rights Association highlights many cases of women charged with crimes, […]

  • And another thing

    This article from CBC about an horrific sexual assault perpetrated by someone who broke in to the woman’s home while she was napping on the couch is terrible. But there’s something I don’t like about it, aside from the nature of the violent attack. What I don’t like about the article is the strong admonition […]

  • Politically Incorrect

    Dear Broadcasters: If the reason every new mother you show on your programmes about having babies is not nursing is that you’re worried that the right-wing-nuts who denounce evolution and who lobby against the separation of church and state might pull their consumer dollars from the advertisers who fund your programming, you need to step […]

  • Technical Difficulties

    Two folks have now informed me that they receive notice when I update this bournal, but that they cannot see the posts. I know that at least two folks can see the posts, and the bournal in its full glory. I have a crackpot theory. My crackpot theory is that folks in Saskatoon cannot see […]