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  • Just Another Happy Plant

    Okay so there’s this plant in my office. I don’t know what it’s called (maybe some kind of hoya “wax plant”¬†or something), but it’s a thing that kind of vines and sends out runners and it’s awesome. We inherited it from the shady travel agency when it (the shady travel agency, not the plant) got…

  • Treat. Seriously. Treat.

    He organised his own Hallowe’en party – invited a few friends over this afternoon, and by the time they’d gone mumming, there were 20 kids and six parents in their group. They came home together, and I plied the parents with coffee and tea and then tried to breathe deeply as the children, ranging in…

  • This may be the best thing I have ever written¬†

    I found this little gem on my Twitter feed via timehop. Part of me wishes it were fiction.                      It’s always an adventure when you’re me.