But seriously

I’ve talked your ear off lately.

What with all that chatter about the Shadow Files LARP at the Flatland Fantasy V games convention that was so gorram amazing. I’ll tell ya. That guy *really* knows how to run a one-shot LARP. He has this knack with making sure that every character in the room is only separated by one or two degrees from every other character in the room, and he does a fantastic job of coming up with characters. Really, truly amazing.

Oh, and then i went on about the Nobilis LARP the following night. I didn’t have as good a handle on that one, but it was certainly quite a lot of fun. It’s tough to run a one-shot when your setting is so rich and vibrant and dynamic. But O. did an amazing job; the set was breathtaking, and the story made my head swim. In a good way.

So, yeah. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about my exploits. What about you? What’ve you been up to this week?






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  1. Mr. Passive Aggressive Avatar
    Mr. Passive Aggressive

    Fathering… that seems to be the sum total of my life these days. Bug has hit his “no” phase, with a vengeance, so we’re having a lot of discussions that end with “or you’ll lose your movie/story time/toy/soccer time.” Its trying, but at least he’s challenging us.

    Bear on the other hand is killing me quickly. He absolutely refuses to go to bed for me at night, so The Boss can’t really get out much in the evenings, which is making her crazy. Oh well, this to shall pass.

    Glad to hear that LARP is still alive and well. I miss it sometimes. Only sometimes mind you. :) I keep thinking about dipping my foot into the theatre pool again, but lately just never seen to have the time.

  2. cenobyte Avatar

    One of ours refused to go to bed for his Da at night too. It was out of bed every ten minutes, and several Loud Protestations whenever anyone other than Yours Truly tried to convince him Bed Was Good. But I’m a heartless wench, and just let him cry. His Nibs, on the other hand, got so flustered hearing the horrible horrible tears that he was prime manipulation material.

    Here’s a post I sent to a friend of mine with a four-year-old: http://badmommymoments.wordpress.com/2009/04/28/project-yes/

  3. thunderhowl Avatar

    Last Saturday, while you were LARPing your brains out, I was at work citizen’s arresting the guy who pulled one of our fire alarms and sent the whole hotel into general alarm.
    On the plus side I DID get to hurl him to the ground when he tried to leave before the police arrived. He left in handcuffs.

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