Away to me

In this dream I was running.

The grass was the colour of deeply polished jade, and the sun had warmed the sidewalk enough that my bare feet were warm. I could smell the trees in leaf, the clover in the ditches, and the rain that would come later in the evening. Was I running to, or away from?

I wasn’t myself, to begin with. At least, not the me I am most accustomed to being. I was instead someone much better, someone whose stories ricochet in my inner ear. From here to there, I heard her voice; the tones of the Other, and her cadence was familiar. Not my own, though. Definitely not my own.

“Come bye, come bye,” I chanted as I ran. And I knew what I was running for. I ran through intersections and across fields, and the chant became “Away to me, away to me”. I ran until my lungs ached. I ran until the muscles in my legs twitched. I ran until there was nowhere else to run.

Still I could not reach what I was running for.

Away, away to me.

cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.


  1. In my dream last night, you were opening an organic food store in Edmonton, but you weren’t able to be in Edmonton very often, so I needed to stop by every day and put the food in the freezers and on shelves as it came in. And I was trying to organize all the shelves better.

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