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My friend Schmutzie Pickles is doing this thing where she asks her readers to ask questions. I like that. I realise that you probably already know *more* than enough about cenobyte just from reading this bournal. But go ahead and ask. Ask away. Ask often.

I’ll post your question(s) and my answer(s) here at the centre of the universe.






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  1. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    I’ve always wondered this and I’m curious as to how you’d answer so here’s my question:

    Seeing as how you’ve been offered the chance to, what would be the required situation for you to run for a public office at any political level?

  2. Brielle128 Avatar

    I have another but if you don’t get to it thats alright.

    What is,..simply..the scariest book you have ever read. Could be a one line answer…which I will then further research.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    What, in your opinion, is the stupidest thing you’ve done while under the effects of mind-altering substances?

    B. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve seen someone else do in the same state of mind?


  4. brielle128 Avatar

    I know the answer that pops i nto your head when I ask this, as it does every mother. But put that aside for a second and really think beyond your kids and family because thats a given. Let say…

    What is your greatest fear?
    Or, if you’d rather What have you always feared. Yeah that one is better I think.

  5. Melistress Avatar

    Have you ever taken inventory of your books and if so, what is the current count and what would you say to be your favorite of them all?

  6. neuba Avatar

    Could you tell me about your labour experience with your children?

    Also, a second questions if you don’t mind.

    What is the most valuable piece of motherly advice you would give to new mothers?

  7. Schmutzie Avatar

    What is a particular object to which you have a great attachment? Why?

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