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So, I learned something today.

Today, while visiting the Noah, I learned that I am allergic to rabbits.

I knew I had problems with angora. My mother gave me a gorgeous angora sweater when I was younger. I wore it for approximately twelve seconds before I broke out in horrible hives. Unfortunately, I had no other shirt to wear, and it was around the time it would have been …inappropriate for me to continue on in grade five social studies shirtless.

But I didn’t know I had problems with other rabbits.

Apparently, I do. While having a long overdue and much enjoyed visit with Noah and his Goddess, I started suffering from hives on my arms and torso. Then I started sneezing violently. Then, and this was the worst of all, my eyes. Oh GOD, my EYES!!! (the goggles; they do NOTHING!)


To my cat-allergy suffering friends, I am so sorry. I’m not going to cat-sack the fuzzy ones, but I sympathize. I also understand that next time I go to visit Noah and his Goddess, I will dose myself to the proverbial nards in antihistamines (because I won’t forego being able to hang out at their delicious new home). I will make sure I have a vast and varied selection of allergy treatments available for my friends.






5 responses to “Apple Polly Loggie”

  1. Amy Avatar

    The schadenfreude, she is overwhelming. :)Be aware that you might need to try different antihistamines to find the type and dosage that work for you. I find, personally, that Claratin doesn’t do much for me, while Chlorotriplon is da bomb. Other people swear by Claratin. So keep trying, if one doesn’t work.

  2. cenobyte Avatar

    Yes, I know this. I have cat allergy friends who tell me these things. So far, I discovered Reactine worked fairly well, when coupled with standing outside breathing in vast amounts of non-rabbitified air. Oh God, the eyes.I promise to maintain a veritable cornucopia of allergy countervention concoctions on hand.

  3. der kapchoo Avatar
    der kapchoo

    Lovely framed photos of cats doing cute things are always nice.

  4. Big Score Avatar
    Big Score

    Apology accepted. :)Good luck finding the right antihistamine. I know that there’s one (Chlortriplon possibly?) that while working great, also knocks me out cold for several hours.

  5. Platypusnboots Avatar

    I vote for Aerius or Reactine with a preference for Aerius.

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