And they shall call him


(Actually, I’ve no idea what position he’ll play.)

Normally, I don’t put photos of my chicklets on the intarweebs. Because I’m paranoid and whatnot. But SRSLY U GAIZ. SRSLY. Is this not the cutest football player you have ever seen EVAR? You know what? Don’t even answer that. I already know the answer.

P.S. Stark Raving Dad? He needs the biggest helmet they have. Just sayin’.

Cutest future CFL player EVER MADE
Cutest future CFL player EVER INVENTED
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  1. If he’s going to play linebacker, that’s the wrong starting stance. Linebackers generally use a two point, and even that varies depending on side of field, and inside or outside.

    Now if he plays either defensive or offensive lineman, then yeah, they use the three point… but that stance needs work from the picture. Let’s start with the feet. Need to be pointed forward, and a little closer together. If it is a defensive stance, he needs to drop that back foot back a little further, if offensive, then closer. Toe to instep. Moving up, the arm never rests on the knee. Up and at the ready. And the hand down should be the same as the foot dropped. So switch those hands up.

    If he does those things the shoulders will square, and he’ll be ready to hit just about anything. :)

    Oh and yeah, damn cute football player. The girls will be checkin’ out that butt in the tight pants. :)

  2. Big helmet you say? :) Can’t imagine where he gets that from.

    And yup, that stance puts him squarely in the defensive line position. Which is also rather appropriate, given the helmet. :) Its where the real men play.

  3. DUDES!
    Chill out!

    *I*’m the one who said “linebacker”. I don’t even know the differences between a half-back and a full-back and a linebacker. And you know what? I can’t find them in the rulebooks There’s no list of positions in the CMFA tackle football rulebooks. How stupid is that?

    Anyway. You don’t need to be critical. He got his helmet and shoulder pads last night. This was the closest I could get him to ‘square off your stance’.

  4. Puh-leez. Real men play offensive line. Defensive linemen are taught to dance. Offensive linemen are taught to hurt someone every single play. And while critical, it is constructive, giving the way to fix it. :) Call it professional obsession. :)

  5. Real men don’t play O-line. O-line is stuffed with guys who’s number one claim to fame is “I is big. I stops little man from hurting prissy quarterback.” :)

    D-Line is where the real animals hang out. Their job isn’t to bodyguard some mambie-pambie quarterback who will throw themself feet first toward any potential tackler, screaming all the while “Please, not in the face!”… no, the D-Line’s job is to grab that quarterback and make him oen with the earth. To remind him, that he too is but mortal. O-line is for babysitters. D-line is for warriors. :)

  6. With that manic grin on his face, there’s really no mistaking him for anyone else’s child, is there? That grin says ‘Today, football. Tomorrow, the world.’

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