And the Band Played On

Last evening, His Nibs and I hosted the monthly Providence KC LARP at Chez Relaxo.

It was very, very fun. I would like to have many more of the games at Chez Relaxo. However, there are Limitations. Such as: if someone really really really needs to hit something with a sword, it’s a Rather Small Space in which to do it, particularly when there are nineteen other people standing around. However, it was Good.

The bad thing is that The Nipper got the pukes at 4am, so I did not go to dance on Sunday am.

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  1. I particularly enjoyed the game of musical chairs that was played throughout the evening. (No, I’m serious. There were always about 3 people standing, but since it was always a different 3 people, it made things interesting).

    Everything else was great too, of course!

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