so-you-want-my-advice_259631-450xSo I’ve always wanted to do an advice column. Not because I’m particularly good at giving advice, but because I often come across as being a know-it-all blowhard. I don’t mean to. I think it’s because I have Opinions. And Thoughts. And sometimes I kind of suck at being able to express those things without sounding like I’m giving advice. That being said, I do like working on problems, and sometimes it’s good to get another perspective. From that angle, I bring you this advice column, which currently has no advice in it. But if you’d like to ask me something, I’d really like to give you an answer.

Sometimes I’m flippant, sometimes I’m sincere, and sometimes I’m completely ridiculous. Just like you!

If you’d like some advice from the centre of the universe, or an opinion from a know-it-all, just send email to [email protected] and put “Advice Request” in the subject field. I’ll try to answer every question that comes my way. If you don’t want your question/answer posted on the blog, just let me know.

Also, I’m totally pencilling eyebrows on the cat after seeing this picture.


  1. Soooo…um the first piece of advice I need is on how to use this particular web page? Am I supposed to use this comment section or am I supposed to use the email address provided? I know you say to use the email in the text of this page but then there was a comment box and the whole thing just became Very Confusing because now there are too many choices and you know what happens when people with anxiety like me are provided with Too Many Choices. Or do you? Do I? See! This is the problem. I look forward to your timely response as I need this answered quickly before my brain implodes and there is a mess all over my neck hole. Messy neck holes are Not Attractive. Just sayin’.

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