A Swiftly Tilting Planet

Last night, I drove home in bright sunlight.

The sun is closer now, you see, because our planet (the third!) is tilting tilting toward the sun. I lowered the windows and smelled the warm air. Then something happened. Something amazing.

The side of my face facing the sun grew warm then hot, despite the cool air blowing in from the open window. I couldn’t stop smiling. Memories of lying in the yard with laughing children and a book and a pitcher of ice water flood my mind.

Ah, summer is coming. Hot days, warm nights…tents and swimming and beaches and digging holes in the grass….






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  1. DerKaptin Buzzkill Avatar
    DerKaptin Buzzkill

    Well, in fact, the northern hemisphere is moving into a position where the sun shines more directly on us, but we are also moving AWAY from it at the same time. The earth is three million miles closer to the sun in our winter than in our summer. It’s the opposite for the funners in Oz, which is why their summers are hotter than ours.Just to, you know, keep the record straight. Everyone I know is panting for the days of sunburn and sand flies just as much as you are.

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