A Story

And so it came to pass that a number of folks were sitting around the table, after milling about for bottles of wine which had not been drunk (unlike some of the wedding guests), and one of the people at the table (J.D.; fittingly, his initials) mentioned how stupid cows are. As there were no fewer than three people at the table who’d had to herd the “sped” (as Rummy Jenn would say) animals on more than one occasion, we agreed heartily with J.D.. There was Something We Did Not Expect, of course, and that Something was for our friend’s girlfriend to say:

“Have you seen me? Did you notice that my skin is BROWN!? Did you know that my PEOPLE hold cows to be sacred animals?”

To which J.D. replied, “the only animal stupider than a cow is a chicken”.

Three of us nodded sagely.

“But my PEOPLE,” she said emphatically, “my PEOPLE believe cows are holy.”

“My people believe cows are DELICIOUS!” I said, “Holy or not!”

That pretty much is an accurate representation of The JfA wedding which was wonderful.

Congrabulations to Snoozy and Chair-OO-bee, who are now all legally hitched up together and whatnot. If one does a romantical dream wedding, one ought to do it in the manner in which those two did it, because it was kind of magical. With zombies.

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  1. Maybe I was talking about a *different* Jenn.

    I should also point out that my friend’s lovely new girlfriend, L, was just putting J.D. through the gears. She thought the delicious cow comment

  2. Sheep are way stupider than both cows and chickens.

    And stop calling me Rummy Jenn. I have done nothing to deserve it. Nothing.

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