A slippery slope

Don’t know what life is like in your end of the universe, but I’m really glad I came up this way yesterday. Because apparently if someone attempts to drive today, they will instantly burst into flame and wither and die.

I learned some interesting things at the funeral yesterday:
1) I have far more cousins than I even *knew* about. I mean, I knew my granddad had 8 brothers and sisters, and I knew each of them had had at least two kids (with the exception of one of them), but…well. I *didn’t* know that my great-granddad’s brother settled in the same area and I didn’t know how many kids *he* had.

2) My father and I both learned that my father *might not be* an only child. OOOH! INTRIGUE! SCANDAL! Heh.

3) There’s a Very Good Chance that Your Truly has at least one or two beige ancestors. In living memory. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW COOL THAT IS!!???

4) The ladies at the church make very good egg salad.

5) Sometimes, it’s just not appropriate to wear a hat at your father’s funeral. Even if it’s a brand new white cap. With a poppy jabbed in the middle on the front. Even if you ‘have a cold’.

6) The cousins cenobyte *does* have have not become any less weird. Truly weird.

Also, and this is something I knew before, I love my hair. I think it’s getting to the stage where I need to learn more science and wander around in a lab coat ALL THE TIME:






3 responses to “A slippery slope”

  1. Cori Quite Contrary Avatar
    Cori Quite Contrary

    I love your hair too! I have hair envy.

  2. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote


  3. der kaptin Avatar
    der kaptin

    Okay, so now you’ve vastly increased your chances that some rich relative that you didn’t even know about is going to leave you a vast fortune when they die! Either that or they will name you as the recipient and guardian of their three girls if something precipitous should happen to them. Which it inevitably will….(sorry, just finished a gothic novel)

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