A Flu Season Quiz

Q: What wakes up in the middle of the night and coughs so hard it pukes?
A: The Nipper!

Q: Who is the most likely person to get the Hamthrax (or any other flu) when The Nipper is coughing so hard he pukes, and when The Captain has a fever of 40 degrees?
A: cenobyte!

Q: Does looking up “Hamthrax” on the Intarweebs work?

Q: Is it great to be home with the Sicky McSickertons?
A: Yes, but it’s No Good when they’re this sick, with the constant coughery.

Q: Does the Hamthrax vaccine even work?
A: Well, the McSickertons aren’t dead, and don’t seem to be getting *dangerously* ill.

Q: But what about the vaccine being full of tracking bugs that government agencies can use to trace your whereabouts for EVER?
A: Um. Those are risks I’m willing to take.

Q: Haven’t you ever heard that vaccines cause autism?
A: I’ve heard that, yeah. I’ve also heard that all life on the planet was created 5,000 years ago, over a span of seven days. And that all life in the universe is going to end in 1,000 1666 2,000 2001 2012.





One response to “A Flu Season Quiz”

  1. viperpilot Avatar

    Awesome on you for going with the vaccine. I can’t stand dumbshits who won’t give their kids vaccines for measles or hate-pox or whatever so that EVERYONE ELSE’S KIDS continue to be at risk because there’s an incubator in their midst.

    Also, did you measure any of the vomits for distance? It sounds like he may have had some serious velocity with all that coughing.

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