centre of the universe: the dreaming

  • A Terrible Time

    A Terrible Time

    This must be a terrible time to be a bookkeeper, accountant, or tax prep person. Especially in the prairies. I’ve heard horror stories from our auditor at work of people showing up on their doorstep with a couple of ExMas orange boxes and a garbage bag full of “receipts”, handing them over and saying “have…

  • Don’t Look!

    Don’t Look!

    This morning on my way to work, I was part of a traffic stop/diversion by city police doing a sweep for lapsed licenses/registrations. It went smoothly and I was in and out in about five minutes. The officers who were checking my deets noted my phone mounted to my windscreen/dash (the phone was turned off;…

  • The People Upstairs

    The People Upstairs

    The house was old; the house was big – bigger in fact than it had ever been. Not much happened upstairs, in the attic, because the attic was full of dust and discarded building supplies, crumbling plaster and lath, and so many spiders. It wasn’t that the upstairs had never been used, but rather it…

  • The Kids Are Alright

    This is what it is to have children: When The Captain was just only three, we took him to see Monsters, Inc.. His da was concerned it would be Too Scary for him, but I was confident it’d be okay. A little bit scary is good for you, I always say. The Captain was always…

  • Karaoke and Grief

    Karaoke and Grief

    Here’s the thing: I don’t remember how it came about but we were at a football game and in one end zone there was a stage. Supposedly for the half time show, because it would be irresponsible to just leave a whole stage in the end zone during play. Irresponsible. It was a lovely summer…

  • Bring Out Yer Band! *clang* Bring Out Yer Band! *clang*

    Bring Out Yer Band! *clang* Bring Out Yer Band! *clang*

    When you learn music, your hemispheres fire off together, and since you’re not just sitting there listening to a lecture, you’re also doing some fine motor function (and/or gross motor function if you’re on percussion or canon), a bunch of those lobes are on fire too.

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