This is True

NyQuil sends dreams to me of
l’histoire: my first love
broke my heart. He has it still.

Well, not the WHOLE thing.

Just that little flittery bit that I probably wasn’t using anyway.

True story.

That is all.

  3 comments for “This is True

  1. Cori
    3 December 2009 at 5:04 pm

    I often have dreams of my first love. They leave me sad and yearning.

    He unwittingly kept most of the pieces of my heart, and I have yet to get those back.

    I think I decided I didn’t need them any more when I broke up with him.

  2. da knaptoon
    4 December 2009 at 4:41 am

    Just another drugstore stoner….
    Interesting to know how you identified this cad as your first love, since you are clearly no wallflower — was it the fact that he broke your heart that told you he was a love in the first place? Was he even aware of what he’d done? Whose heart do you think was the first you broke?

  3. cenobyte
    4 December 2009 at 7:24 am

    Well, he was no cad.

    He knew he was breaking my heart. He watched it happen.

    How did I know he was my first love? Because I was scared to death and ran away.

    I think the first heart I broke was most likely my mother’s.

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