Tears out your heart

The Captain just found out that his best friend and best friend’s brother (who is about the same age) are moving away from our town next week. They’re moving in to the city, but The Captain is devastated. These three have been inseparable the past few months, and The Captain already knows how difficult it is to maintain a ‘long distance relationship’ when you go to different schools.

It’s kind of breaking my heart, actually.

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  1. Poor kid. He’s perhaps going to have his first taste of what “loss” means. I feel for him.

  2. He does know about loss. It doesn’t make it any easier. I mean, does it ever get easier for anyone?

  3. Poor guy – it’s so hard.

  4. Mr. Passive Aggressive says: Reply

    Nope, it never does. And that’s what makes us human I suppose. Our capacity for loss is only equal to our capacity for love.

  5. Yeah. I think the more you realise how much someone means to you, the bigger the influence on your life that person has, the more difficult it is. It just really, really sucks, because The Captain is the first friend this other kid had when his family first came to this country…so…I dunno. I just hate it when my kids hurt.

  6. Hi cenobyte,

    That’s why I said “perhaps going to have” as I have no idea as to his experience of loss. No, it’s never easier & just seems to get worse over time & more losses. At least for me.

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