I remember this song playing on the radio. AM radio. In that northern town. It pleases me. “Some people say I’ve done all right, for a girl.” Oh, the 70s, how you amuse me.

It’s another one of those great stalker songs. Some day, I’ll make a playlist of my favourite stalker songs. And. Um. Just, you know, look at it.

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      1. Yes the robots are cute. I was even singing this song out loud…in my house….in my kitchen. My husband stared at me and demanded to know why I was singing such an obscure song. Thankfully this song is now out of my head and replaced by Christmas music. Bah humbug!!

          1. In this instance I believe obscure meant….”Where did that come from…..you usually sing your own made up songs that don’t make any sense…..I haven’t heard that song in a long time and you sing it badly.”

            1. Aw.
              Are you sure it didn’t mean, “I love the way you sing goofy little songs because they always make me smile. I haven’t heard this song in a while, and I would totally like to share my roller skate key with you! In BED! WOOOOOO!”

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