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Why we can’t be friends when you’re in Hawaii

My cousin is in Hawaii right now, and I have vowed that she and I can NOT be friends until she is home. Now. She’s a professional photographer, so all of her pictures of her little “vacation” are fucking gorgeous, and because I am not at all petty or jealous, I’ve decided that I’m going to post photographs of MY… Read more →

There’s hardly any itch at all

The thing that the Mayans didn’t realize about this whole end of the world thing tomorrow is that today is my and His Nibs’ seven-year anniversary (N.B. We’ve been together for more like 12 years). So I decree that it is impossible for the world to end without my getting the chance to wear my anniversary gift *and* to show… Read more →

Six of Thirteen

The spring of 1997 I moved in with Drang, and one of his best friends used to spend a lot of time at the house. His friend was drop-dead sexy, rather shy, with a biting wit and a soft-spoken nature. He didn’t smile often, but when he did, the whole world stopped moving. That summer, Drang and I would have… Read more →

To My Boyfriends

I love you all. You know that, because I tell you all the time. Buddy Holly, you were my first boyfriend. Coincidentally, you were also my first dead boyfriend. You know what? I’m not going to harp on little imperfections like not having a pulse. What can I say to you, Johnny Depp? Oh! A little lower, please. Gary Oldman,… Read more →

Old often means better (+PSA)

For instance, when oiling your hardwood floors, it is *much* better (and faster, actually) to just get down on your hands and knees and do it yourself by hand, rather than trying to use fancy “time and energy saving” products and machines. And mineral oil is still best. If you could change a woman’s hair from grey to brilliant shining… Read more →

Why I Love My Inlaws

We were looking at photos as we burned them to disc for the in-laws. This is something we do once or twice a year, because we are nerds. And by ‘we’, I mean “me”. This photo, taken, as you can see, on ExMass morning, shows His Nibs, at approximately fifteen years of age, being …erm… well, I’m not sure what’s… Read more →

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