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Just Another Happy Plant

Okay so there’s this plant in my office. I don’t know what it’s called (maybe some kind of hoya “wax plant” or something), but it’s a thing that kind of vines and sends out runners and it’s awesome. We inherited it from the shady travel agency when it (the shady travel agency, not the plant) got raided by the police. This… Read more →

Existential Threat

Saskatchewan Premier warns the oil industry is under existential threat by activists   I dunno about you, but existential threats have always been kind of fun once you get over the whining part. They’re truly the best for growth – most of us have some kind of existential threat when our first love crumbles or when we fail at something… Read more →

Odd Question Monday

Which of the following is the more intriguing power? People can not say no to you You can eliminate the ability to remember Asking for a friend. (Also, this is a blog maintenance post.) Read more →

Honey honey

  There is a girl at football practice throwing stones in the air directly over her head.  Part of me wants to tell her why this is such a bad idea – and show her the scar on my eyebrow and chipped tooth to prove it, and part of me wants to just sit in the vehicle and watch this story… Read more →


 There’s this thing called “AMA”, which is short for both “Against Medical Advice” and “Ask Me Anything”*. I think both apply equally, 90% of the time. So, since I am in the process of trying to fixy things on my blog, I figured an “AMA” post might be kind of fun. So go ahead! Ask Me Anything! No question too… Read more →

Congratulations, Alberta!

So I changed my blog template because I’m so very happy for my Alberta peeps, who tonight made history when they elected an NDP majority government. I know there are a lot of folks concerned as all hell about what this election is going to mean for Alberta’s provincial revenues, jobs, etc., and rightfully so, I think. After more than… Read more →

Swine Cat

This is Poe the Cat. He is a dick. His nickname is Mungbrain the Cat. He believes he was in a movie once (he was not) and that he played the captain of the guards (he did not; it was Jason Bateman) and that it was a, and I’m quoting the cat here, “seminal role” (it was not. It was… Read more →

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