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I don’t need no arms around me

It occurred to me that in putting together this aeroplane methodically, piece by piece, painstakingly gluing one tiny piece of balsa wood to the next, that this has become my therapy. It wasn’t a huge revelation. I didn’t fly through the streets of the greater metropolitan valley centre area shouting that I’d discovered the next great heal-all, chicken-soup-for-the-soul-of-the-friend-whose-good-friend-committed-suicide. Rather, it… Read more →

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

This is a balsa and tissue paper model of the Nieuport 17 aeroplane flown by Billy Bishop during WWI. Well. Technically, this is the completed fuselage of said aeroplane. In the top left corner of this photograph are the parts for a Sopwith Camel, which Bishop also flew, although only a handful of times. The Sopwith is a smaller plastic… Read more →

Sage Words of Advice

“I really really wish that it wasn’t just expected that boys are supposed to ask girls out on a date. Because all of the guys I know are super shy and are terrified of asking girls out on a date. I mean, girls are pretty comfortable telling people that they like someone. “Most of the guys really like someone, but… Read more →

I owe you. All of you.

You want to know what teachers make? If you haven’t heard yet, teachers in SK are looking at job action because their union’s negotiations are not going well. Teachers in the province have been without a contract for a shameful amount of time, and while the action on Thursday is not specifically a strike (it is a rally and study… Read more →

Some things do surprise me

Do you realise it’s been fewer than twenty years since Apartheid was officially abolished in South Africa? For a social studies project in elementary school in the 80s, I did a report about Apartheid. No one in my class had heard of it. I talked about what it was, its historical roots in colonialism, its connexions to Canada, and I… Read more →

to be or not to be

First, go read this story about some Very Unpopular Decisions the Saskatoon school division has just made. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Now. It’s a pretty dumb idea. It’s dumb because, like the whole “we won’t fail your kid because it will do your kid more psychological harm to be held back from his peers” business, it’s the kind of bee… Read more →

I don’t know much

Yours Truly has, in the last few weeks/months, encountered several folks who have either taken advantage of established and emerging technology to produce their own books. I think this is a grand venture! As you know, Yours Truly works for a publishing organisation. We don’t publish books, but rather are an industry organisation that supports book publishers. I don’t write… Read more →

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