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Acting Your Age

Here’s the thing. We live in a society that values youth over experience, wisdom, ability and knowledge. I’m not sure why we do that, but children are more valuable to us than non-children, which also translates into vilifying people who opt not to breed. There’s a whole bunch going on in this statement, and I might get overtaken by that… Read more →

New Math

“Takoda and Wesley are collecting shells on the beach in identical pails. Takoda estimates she has filled 7/12 of her pail. Wesley estimates he has filled 4/10 of his pail. Suppose the children combine their shells. Will one pail be full? Explain.” — from┬áMath Makes Sense 7 published by Pearson Education. Before we tackle this maths problem, let me just… Read more →

Deep Throat

Just a brief note today, my love. The downside of eating regularly and relatively well is that when one has to skip meals, one is devastatingly hungry. The reason for the meal skipping in a moment. It’s been no secret over the last decade that I’ve been struggling to be healthier. I’ve been struggling to eat healthier and to live… Read more →

The 7-Year-Old Uncertainty Principle

The 7-year-old Uncertainty Principle (7yoUP) states that you may observe any number of 7-year-olds in your yard at an instant in time, but you can never actually know how many 7-year-olds are in your yard. You can know the *identity* of some of the 7-year-olds in your yard, or you can know the *position* of some of the 7-year-olds in… Read more →

Bad Things, Good People

You want to know why Bad Things Happen to Good People? Because shit happens, that’s why. Because nothing is certain. Because people are animals. They are unpredictable, and are often cruel to one another. Because animals are territorial and aggressive. Because we do self-destructive things. Because our genes are just wonky. Because we’re selfish and greedy. Why do *good people*… Read more →

Not my strong suit

International politics and history. Not my strong suit. I don’t know much about history (in fact, I am in awe of people who can remember historical facts, figures, names, important events, etc.). There were plenty of people in my circle of friends who knew all kinds of things about military uprisings, civil wars, injustice, and human rights abuses, and I’d… Read more →

Lit Up Canada

I was listening to the radio yesterday, to a documentary about this fellow who’d had the privilege of reading most of the letters of John Updike, at Harvard University. By the time Updike had a firm plan for what he wanted to do with his own writing career (in his late teens!), there were several well-established authors of American Literature:… Read more →

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