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Angles and Corners

These boys are all skinny legs and large, awkward feet. You see the way they stand and listen to their coaches, and you see glimpses of the men they will become – in the angle of a hip; in the strength of their hands. You see the passage of time in an instant, and at the same time, look backward.… Read more →


“Wouldn’t it be cool,” The Captain said just now, before going to school for his last day of fifth grade,”if we could cross-breed insects and arthropods and then control them? Then we could cross a tick with a mosquito with an Alaskan King Crab and have this crazy huge armoured flying thing with enormous pincers and eye-stalks with compound eyes… Read more →


He’s just a baby now, you said, holding the fuzzy blue-and-black caterpillar on your hand. When he touches me it’s like little tickles, his baby feet and fingers are soft. But he will grow and change, you know. Soon he’ll be a butterfly or a moth or something and he’ll forget I ever held him in our yard. He won’t… Read more →

Some things do surprise me

Do you realise it’s been fewer than twenty years since Apartheid was officially abolished in South Africa? For a social studies project in elementary school in the 80s, I did a report about Apartheid. No one in my class had heard of it. I talked about what it was, its historical roots in colonialism, its connexions to Canada, and I… Read more →


What do you do when it’s +2 in the middle of February? You stage the EPIC BATTLE OF THERMOPYLAE in your back yard. Here are the Spartans. They are few in number, but they are brave. This is the leader of the Spartans, King Leonidas I. He has a wicked six-pack: The Spartans armed themselves, and climbed to the top… Read more →

One more piece of sage advice from someone who’s been there

If there was only one piece of advice I could give to parents of newborns, it is this: Your baby does NOT hate to be swaddled. Your baby *may* hate being swaddled in the wrong way, or too loosely, but your baby does *not* hate being swaddled. Learn how to properly swaddle your wriggler, and you’ll all sleep better. Babies… Read more →

It’s Not Always This Cool

It’s pretty easy to pat yourself on the back and be a ‘good parent’ when your kids are sweet and funny or are hurt and needing you. But when they’re screaming at you about how much of a bastard you are and how they hate you and wish they’d never been born or when they’re turning red with rage and… Read more →

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