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Apple Blossoms, Ornamental

In the yellow golden light of morning, The Nipper and I walked, sometimes hand-in-hand, sometimes side by each, through the well-limbed vaulted cathedral that was my neighbourhood when I was a child. The streets were empty and the windows of the stately old homes stared unblinking as we crossed before them. One side street – little more than an alley… Read more →

My Underage Roommates

Sometimes, you just have to stop thinking of them as your own flesh and blood and start thinking of them as what they really are – your underage roommates. This is how you will begin to understand where we as parents all go wrong. All of us. We forget what it’s like to have to live with Ben. Take as… Read more →

The only light you’ll see

I wrote a note to The Captain’s teacher and vice principal today. Actually, I wrote the note yesterday, but guess who forgot to give it to his teacher until this morning? On my way to work, I got a call from the vice principal who, chuckling, said he’d received the note and that it was the best note he’d seen… Read more →

Sage Words of Advice

“I really really wish that it wasn’t just expected that boys are supposed to ask girls out on a date. Because all of the guys I know are super shy and are terrified of asking girls out on a date. I mean, girls are pretty comfortable telling people that they like someone. “Most of the guys really like someone, but… Read more →

This seems backward

The public health region has begun, in the recent past, to provide vaccines for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) (or would that be ‘provide vaccines against HPV’?). HPV is a communicable virus (duh, cenobyte. “Virus” is in the name.) that can be passed fairly easily through contact of the skin, specifically the mucous membranes (which are the squishy, damp, pleasant bits… Read more →


The Captain phoned me at work today. I saw the number come up on my phone, and so I answered with: “WHO IS THIS?” He said, after a brief pause: “…there’s no need for names, Ma’am.” That is all. Read more →

Things I Do Not Need

So. I am having two Minor Conflicts.   One: One set of Grandparents seems to think The Captain needs a cell phone. I do not want The Captain to have a cell phone, for a number of reasons, and shockingly, ‘the possibility that aliens could use it to fire LASERS at his eardrums’ is not one of them. My reasons… Read more →

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