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I think it’s hilarious that Venerated (as in His Most Venerated Holy Father Saint Whoever of Whatsit) and Venereal have the same root word (“veneris” – beauty/love). Considering the rash (snigger) of “breakup with Stephen Harper videos” that have been making the rounds (*snort*) on the YouTubes, it got me thinking, the ‘venerated’ PM gets around. Just like a venereal… Read more →

It’s only going to sting for a moment

Are you sick of hearing about Canadian Politics yet? Gee. That’s too bad. Because I have something to say. That must surprise you. I would really like it if political reporting/spin/whatever would stop harping on something. And that something is the personal beliefs of the candidates. It really, really shouldn’t matter if a politician supports gay marriage or opposes abortion… Read more →

Please tell me

I’m not being facetious here: please tell me what is so threatening/frightening about a coalition government? I’ve heard a lot of people say that Canada needs to adopt a two-party system of governance so that we no longer have to be faced with things like minority governments and the possibility of coalition governments. I have to admit that I just… Read more →

Blue Steel

I don’t think Stephen Harper looks like anybody other than Stephen Harper. My discovery of Michael Ignatieff’s true identity yesterday has me thinking about this. So I looked and looked and looked and just couldn’t find anyone who could match our current Prime Minister’s…particular…je ne sais quoi. Or, as the non-francophones say, his particular I dunno what. But I did… Read more →

I finally figured it out

I’ve been thinking about something lately. It’s been gnawing at the back of my mind, in behind the “should I put the photos in the van or will they be okay on the top floor of our house” and “why, oh why does our cat choose to perch on the tippy-top of his cat tree before he pukes down the… Read more →

You might be sick of it

But there’s a reason it keeps happening. And the reason it keeps happening isn’t because we have a minority government. It isn’t because the ubiquitous “They” are keeping Stephen Harper from doing his job. It’s because “They” don’t agree with the job he’s doing. Which is what “They” were elected to do. And, ironically, the majority of people who voted… Read more →

I wasn’t gonna

But I did. I want to remind you of something; an invaluable resource for people who like to muck about with political rhetoric: I wasn’t gonna go and fart around in there, because nothing on God’s green earth is going to change my mind about voting for anybody other than someone who considers gay folks to be filthy, disease-ridden… Read more →

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