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cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.

The truth is…

The American homeland security folks (National Bouncers, if you will) are a mite testy (and understandably so) after the schmo with the exploding underpants failed to keep his drawers dry enough to *use* his Go-Go-Gadget-Gotch. There are increased screenings, reductions in permissable carry-on items (books are no longer banned from flights, apparently), and mandatory pat-downs for anyone who may have… Read more →

Natural Disasters are Bad Things

Yes. you read that right. Natural disasters are Bad Things. This is a well-known fact. They would not be called “Disasters” (natural or otherwise) if they were Good Things. But, and this may make me an Outcast in your books, I do not want to hear about Haiti. Haiti has been in need of assistance for DECADES. It’s been one… Read more →

Prorogue Mountain

I call this one, “Prorogue Mountain”. It’s about how one cowboy doesn’t think it’s right for the other cowboy to just ride off all willy-nilly into the sunset without so much as a handshake and a thank you, for TWO MONTHS, and how the other cowboy doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Some might say it’s an ALLEGORY. Other… Read more →


Ha! Did you see what I did, there? I said “Back-a-gain”, which is a pithy take on “bakugon”, which are overpriced, cheap, ridiculously silly collectible dolls action figures based on an over-budgeted, badly-written, ridiculously silly television programme. Brilliant. You may or may not be able to tell that Yours Truly spent some time in a toy store today. Want to… Read more →

Weekends are for mooks

Game 1 : Lions 2, Panthers 3. Lions outplayed the Panthers for the final two-thirds of the game, and some rather suspect officiating during the last minute of the game had one of the Lions’ assistant coaches a little hot under the collar. cenobyte has devised a plan by which the puck is substituted for one containing SUPER MAGNETS. Lions… Read more →

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