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cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Something is the something of the someone.

Karl Marx is the author of a very famous quote. More the the point, many people know a small portion of the quote. The part you’ll remember is: “Religion is the opium of the people”. Some folks use this as an argument against organised religion, when what Marx was trying to say with that teeny tiny passage from a much,… Read more →

It's a MARCH, people. A MARCH.

Our national anthem. “O Canada”, in case you’d forgotten. It’s supposed to be a MARCH. That means cut time (or, for the un-musically trained, one-half of common time, otherwise known as four-four time). NOBODY does it right. They’re all, “Oh, Canada. It’s a freakin’ DIRGE, man. A DIRGE. It’s like, a funeral song for all those dead British white guys.”… Read more →

And by "Last Night", really, I mean "Night Before Last"

Because now that it’s officially Saturday, last night is actually Friday night, and I really mean Thursday night. Anyway, you know how I have really vivid dreams? And you know how I often remember my dreams? And you know how sometimes when I tell you about my dreams, you don’t know if they’re real stories or not? Last night (and… Read more →


My father’s had a number of offers on his land. Some of them, he says, have been made by folks with pretty deep pockets. My father is in his early sixties. He’s talked about retirement on and off for a couple of years. Once, when I asked my mother why Da didn’t just quit farming and come home to teach,… Read more →

What else is left?

You know what’s screwed up? What’s screwed up is when you decide that enough is enough, it’s time to DO something with yourself, and you start working out every morning, and your body starts doing effed up things. That’s screwy. And by ‘effed up things’, I mean gaining a pound a day. One may have discussed this very thing with… Read more →

Some things are better left unsaid

However, I’m going to say them. This summer, I let a lady do an “Angel Card” reading for me. First, let’s just assume that you know, and that I know, I have a tendency at times to be a bit of a fruitcake. Second, whatever your thoughts on the accuracy of tarot, I Ching, scrying, automatic writing, dream travel, and/or… Read more →

And another thing.

So everyone’s up in arms about our Prime Minister proroguing government three times in two years. Folks’re saying it’s anti-democratic (it isn’t; it’s a function of parliamentary democracy). They’re saying it’s fascist (it’s not. There’s nothing radical about Stephen Harper, and although he does try *very* hard to be authoritarian (it’s kind of cute, sometimes) and to try to capitulate… Read more →

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